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FBF is the first company dedicated to providing an authentic French experience solely to Indians. We are a fun ‘company’ to travel with.

The company has been founded on the basis of cultural exchange that the founders believe in. We can see the thirst for traveling and exploration that Indian consumers have, and we are the right medium for it.


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About Us

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Easy Payment Solution

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Travelling with friends is always fun but booking and paying for the group in one go can be tricky. Well, we have a solution for you.

Our payment solution allows you to book for all, and at the time of payment, the cost can be split between the number of members of the trip and each person gets a link to pay their part. Easy-peasy!

There’s more! If you dream to travel to France with your better half, we can help you open a participative payment based tour in which they can pitch in, making their token of love truly a meaningful one.


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Say hello to your new ‘amie’ (that’s friend in French)! Keepers, an exclusive FBF service, are your new companions while you are here in France. We know how daunting the cultural gap can be. That’s why our keepers help bridge it through their experience with in France and India. They will help you dive into French culture at your own pace, and ensure that your time here is extremely comfortable!


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It might be your first travel to Europe or not, but obtaining your Visa is definitely one of the most boring parts of the trip! However, it is mandatory. Don’t worry, we are there to help. We will support you throughout the process.


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