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Our keepers are your local travel companion, extended family and friends.

What are the keeper services?

They will welcome you at the airport with warmth and will take care of you until they drop you back to the same place. All along your French experience, they will help you discover this country and it amazing culture. Keepers are the real heroes who ensure the quality of our services. When your trip comes to an end, you will feel that you are saying adieu to an old friend. So stay in touch?

Why Keeper Services?

Dietary need Keepers will make sure you stick to your diet - Veg/Non Veg - when traveling with us.

Sharing cultureKeepers are the core of our entire concept. You are not a tourist. You are travelling and discovering the places with a local.

Time optimizationSince the keepers are locals, they know the place very well and will bring you to the right locations to ensure you do not waste even a single minute of your precious holiday time.

Managing the unplannedThe keeper will ensure that if there are any unforeseen situations, like a transportation strike or delay in getting a vehicle, there is a prompt solution for you. They will provide you with a way out.

Help in communicationKeepers help you out with this as well! From ordering at a restaurant, requesting something at the hotel to speaking with a shop owner, think of us as your very personal Google translate.

SecurityRest assured, you are in safe hands. Right from cautioning you about certain areas in the city to helping you out at hospitals if you fall sick, our keeper is equipped with all.

It is your holiday time and you deserve to enjoy it with friends and family, without worry!

All Our Keepers

Paul, 25, Orleans

I am an avid traveller and super ready to welcome you to my country. I’m fond of History and would love to show you monuments and other places of historic importance. Fond of cooking as well, I’ll help you make the right choice at any restaurant. Friends from India are always welcome.

Florian, 29, Bordeaux

Of all the keepers here, I am the one really passionate about wine, in moderation of course! I love trekking and have become crazily fond of nautical activities. I will be very happy to share my knowledge about France with you. The only rule with me is that when in the car, I am the DJ!

Mathilde, 30, Paris

Since I am a fashion-lover, I generally handle travels for the female groups, covering everything from clothing to perfumes. With me, you will discover the artisanal products that my country is creating. I am the sweet-tooth of the team and so will ensure that you get to try some amazing French delicacies.

Jany, 39, Paris

Crazy about photography, my mission will be to show you all the spots that will make for a great picture. I am also fond of art and it would be my pleasure to show you around the museums. I love learning about new languages and will always be ready to teach you or a learn a few words from you.