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The Best Of France

25 People Trip

If you ask us what that one perfect trip to France that covers it all, it is this one! We have put our best experience, knowledge and friends to test and come up with this unique French trip that is a must do for all. We might be biased, but we feel these things are best enjoyed with your group of friends or family. Hence, this is a group trip, which offers comfort and flexibility. Don't believe us? Book a group trip with us and experience the FBF travelling community of like-minded people!


    Day: 1


    • Transfers from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Renaissance region’s city- Orleans.
    • Recharge batteries and then head out for a walking tour in the city to delve into the neighborhood of Orleans.
    • Kick off this adventure with fellow travellers and FBF keepers who will take you out to a pub after dinner to relax and get to know each other.
    Day: 2


    • We have planned this day since this year Loire valley region celebrates 500 years since the birth of the French Renaissance.
    • Adore the art and architecture in Chambord and discover the main attractions of this historically rich region.
    • Explore the Chateau of Chenonceau which is acclaimed for being built on a river and has impressive gothic and early Renaissance architecture. The castle is loved, managed and protected by women, also known as the ‘Château des Dames’.
    • Enjoy dinner in a quaint French hotel picked by us.
    Day: 3


    • 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci’s death an innovator, painter and pioneer in many fields, there are many exhibitions across the region celebrating this.
    • Follow your guide to peep into Da Vinci’s home and his fortress called Chaumont-sur-Loire. Frolic around the glorious gardens and get inspired.
    • Discover everything about wine from your very own French wine expert; from vineyards to caves where wine barrels are stored to tasting some world-class wines.
    Day: 4


    • Step away from the usual beaches of France and enjoy the summer like a true French local at La Baule, which was found during Victorian seaside craze.
    • Sink your feet into the warm sand of the longest beach in Europe and take some pictures along the most gorgeous bays in the world.
    • Insider tip; there are many yachts for that lovely evening walk along the harbor and top class casinos to enjoy your leisure time here.
    Day: 5


    • Private transfer to the capital and world’s no.1 tourist spot Paris.
    • Enjoy the exquisite sights of Paris on a private tour bus. Be sure to take many pictures of the Eiffel Tower as it lights up in the beautiful evening sky. The City of Light really lives up to its name when the monuments, buildings, and bridges are lit up in all their glory.
    • For that special touch of excitement and glamour don't miss the chance to experience one of the world-famous cabaret shows in your free time.




    Day: 6


    • With a Local art and history expert, we step into the vast courtyard of the Louvre, bask in the sunlight shimmering through the glass pyramid and explore the museum.
    • After appreciating art and history, we stop for classic French ‘déjeuner’ in a park.
    • Next stop, Notre Dame the masterpiece of French Gothic architecture. Climb the North Tower to find yourself face-to-face with frightening gargoyles and a spectacular sunset view of Paris.
    • Wander through the streets of Paris with your choice of keeper and activity.
    Day: 7


    • Travel with your keeper and leave them at the gate to enjoy your day at Disneyland. There's only one legit word to describe Disneyland and it's MAGICAL!!
    • August special- as the movie returns, go wild and nostalgic with ‘’The Lion King and Jungle’’ show, immerse yourself in the circle of life and a vibrant, exotic journey featuring Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and Baloo.
    Day: 8


    • Last day, take this time to relish the last few moments in this city of love.
    • Grab a typical French breakfast, pick-up presents for your friends and family or simply stroll in the Parisian gardens.
    • Check out is at 12:00 pm from the hotel. We can arrange to keep your luggage at the hotel post-check-out.


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