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Biarritz West Jet Set


We open our next blog post with one of the best cities we in France by French feel you should visit during the summer; the wonderful city of Biarritz!  Located on the southwest coast of France, you cannot escape the rhythm and life of Biarritz.


If you are looking to book holidays to France from India during this summer and are a little lost then read on a get to know more about this city.


Biarritz is perfect for the laid back, relax and indulge in ''me-time'' kind of city. We suggest not to carry a minute by minute itinerary but just let your schedule be, walk along the lovely cobbled roads and explore the city as you go, enjoy a meal while you overlook the ocean. 


Biarritz is well known for its surfing culture and every summer you can see surfing enthusiasts from both Spain and France flock the sea and ride the waves. If you do wish to take some quick lessons France By French can arrange it for you. If you want to take the holiday adventure level down a little just enjoy the sun, and take a dip in the water. 


Besides the beautiful beach, you can slow travel through some historical destinations of the city. You must visit the Casino Municipal; the building compound has a casino which was built in 1929, theater and a swimming pool! 

Next stop should be the Chocolate Museum -Planète Musée du Chocolat Biarritz. The entrance ticket not only includes discovering about chocolate and its history but also comes with complimentary chocolates and creamy hot chocolate at the end of the tour. 


Take a hike to the lighthouse to admire the panoramic view of Biarritz. Start from the center of the city and walk along the cost to admire the beautiful buildings to finally reach the lighthouse. Besides the spectacular view on all sides, this place is perfect to take pictures for your Instagram, which will make your mates asking for more!  During the touristic season the crowd increases and hence we suggest you start early in the morning to get the perfect view. 


Like most French cities, you can rent a bicycle to make your commute easy. To enjoy the wind in your hair and to explore a little wider than you would have on foot. The coastline is easily accessible on a bike and you can also ride to the neighboring city of Biart. Enjoy some quick retail therapy and lunch after all that activity. 


In terms of food; indulge in some crepes sprinkled with sea salt, pastries or take a walk at the local food market and enjoy some local produce. You can also head towards the Fisherman's port to find your self among the cozy atmosphere of a true French port, enjoy fresh seafood cooked to your liking surrounded by maritime architecture. 


Rue Gambetta is where you will find all the souvenirs that you need to shop before leaving cause you know- you have that one friend/cousin who will not let you live if you go back home empty-handed. Pick up some french stationery or locally produced espadrilles which you will regret not to have bought cause where else can you find such designs and quality. 


If reading about this quaint little coastal heaven has made you dreaming to visit it ASAP! Then write to us at let us know for when do you wish to travel and let France By French make sure you make this daydream a reality. 


Keep discovering with #Francebyfrench